Ready Mixed Concrete

Considering the rapid growth in the region with expanding requirement for more complex buildings in the region, the Company has now stepped further and expanded its business units to include supplying ready-mixed concrete in North Sulawesi to support the region’s rapid infrastructure growth.


It is the first to introduce and supply WET-MIX based Ready-Mixed Concrete in North Sulawesi. The Company’s ready-mixed concrete is mixed by Italy’s Sicoma Mixers in the batching plant and not mixed individually in the transit mixer trucks therefore ensuring greater consistencies of concrete delivered to its customers as mixing was done computerized in the plant. Wet-Mix based concrete enhances the consistency of concrete hence more reliability in the overall strength of the concrete.


The Company now supplies wide range of wet-mixed based ready-mixed concrete tailored to the needs of its customers’ requirements delivered to their door-steps including:

  • K. 175;
  • K. 225;
  • K. 250;
  • K. 300;
  • K. 350;
  • K. 400;
  • K. 500.